Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I order?

  • Select plants and add them to your cart
  • Press checkout and provide your billing and delivery information
  • Shipping information will be sent as soon as the plants are shipped
  • Track your shipment at https://dragoncouriertracking.com/

How to visit your farm?

  • We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. Please make an appointment via our Facebook page Inbox. Normally, we are open to visit from 10 am to 7 pm every day except Tuesday and Saturday. 
  • Thai Exotic Greenery Google Map

Where can you deliver? 

  • For US customer we ship with our agency with no limit of number of plants
  • We ship our plants to all Dragon Courier service areas which include Canada, Europe, Singapore and etc.

How often do you ship?

  • To the US, we ship at least once a month. We will update the exact shipping via email.
  • To Canada, we ship every two weeks
  • To EU, we ship every week.
  • To other countries, we ship based on Dragon Courier shipping schedule.

Why our shipping cost is expensive?

  • Our shipping cost is based from our agency Dragon Courier which includes phytosanitary certificate issuance, customs clearance, air transportation from Thailand, delivery to your address, and other fees. Our shipping is high because it already includes everything that needs to deliver the package from oversea to your door.

How long does it take to arrive?

  • Depending on your address and shipping schedule, normally it takes 5-8 days from the shipping date to arrive at your place.

How can I claim plants?

  • Due to international export regulations, we cannot receive returns from other countries. If the plants arrive in poor conditions or incorrect plants are shipped, please report immediately within the first 5 days of arrival. After this deadline, no claim is accepted.
  • To be eligible for a refund, videos and pictures during box opening and root inspection are required Please report to us via our Facebook page messenger . All refund applications are carefully considered and given in full or partial at our discretion
  • Claims of cosmetic damages such as a broken/cracked/yellow leaf or a broken flower are not accepted
  • Replacements of plants require you to make a new order or the shipping charge needed to be covered by our customer.
  • For more information, please read and understand our Term of Service.

What is the shipping price?

  • Shipping price varies depending on your location and the number of plants in your order. Shipping cost will be calculated after you add plants to your cart and provide us with your shipping destination.
  • This cost consists of fixed costs such as phytosanitary certificate issuance and shipping cost to our agent and variable costs that depend on dimensional weight such as overseas shipping, customs clearance, and local delivery.

What if I am interested in wholesales order?

  • For orders of at least 50 plants per variety, please contact us via email or chat with us. 

What payment options do you have?

  • You can make payment with PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfer.

Why does my plant look different from the picture?

  • Each plant is different in shapes, forms, colors, variegation levels, textures, and sizes. You may get plants with different forms than the one advertised on our website.

What should I do after the plant is delivered?

What happen to my plant?